Credit card refunds

Financial experts have advised that you should go through past bank and credit card statements up to 6 years looking for any charges that were for more than £12. You should request a rebate for the difference from the provider. There are many websites where you can get example wording for the letter you need to send to make your claim.

Example of a Credit Card Refund

If a charge of £36 was applied you would be asking for £24 to be returned. This is not to say that you cannot request to reclaim the full amount, but it has been suggested that you will be more successful if you were to just ask for the difference.

What if you havent kept your credit card statements?

Many of us will not actually have statements going back that far, unless we have access via an online account. The good news is that you can request copies from your bank or credit card provider. There would likely be a charge of around £10 for this service.

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